"Who's watching your Booty?"

Hey I heard ya got a ticket in Broome or Otsego Counties.   Want it dismissed?  Take a course maybe we can help.

We check your property!
Booty Security LLC checks on your loved ones and responds to your property's alarm as a Keyholder.
Booty Security LLC is not a police, fire, or emergency medical service. The services provided by Booty Security are not designed to be a replacement for police, fire, or emergency medical services. If there is an emergency or a crime in progress call 911 immediately to notify the proper emergency services.
We provide some darned good training too!

John G----- "It was awesome training!"
Pat----"I've attended many Defensive Driving  classes and my personal opinion is that you guys did an excellent job!  You not only made it interesting but fun too!  Your personal experiences and examples were much more interesting than just going "word for word"  Great Job.  See you in three years!"

To register for our classroom presentations or ask us a question about our services  please visit our "Contact us" page and complete the form.  It will generate an email, that we will verify with you. To register for the "on-line" defensive driving class click the red button up top.

"Who's Protecting Your Booty?" 
Booty Security LLC provides personal security and training services in the Delaware County, New York region. Mr. Stewart has worked in local Law Enforcement more than thirty years and lived in the area his entire life. He knows the county, he knows the people.  Tim is a retired police sergeant and a fully trained and licensed NYS Armed Security Guard. Tim has also worked as a trainer for over thirty years, his classes are interesting, informative and accurate.  You won't be bored.

Tim Stewart, Operator of Booty Security LLC